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Forever Fit is an exclusive personal training company located in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Established in 2005, we have built a solid foundation through hard work and dedication to providing the absolute best care and quality customer service to all of our clients.

Through all our years of hard labor, we have also been able to create a highly regarded and respected reputation within the fitness community. We reward customer loyalty and remain focused and determined to helping our clients reach all of their health and fitness goals as well as set new goals along the way. For this reason we have very little turnover when it comes to our clientele base. Not many personal training companies can claim to have maintained a relationship with their clients for over ten years, we fortunately can.

Our business generates growth through our clients. In our opinion, an exceptional referral from an ecstatic client is the best form of marketing that we can receive. It’s therefore crucial for us to make sure that we deliver results and provide the necessary tools and motivation needed to achieve those results. Our team of trainers are highly motivated and skilled individuals. With well over thousands upon thousands of on-floor experience working with clients we know what works, and what doesn’t. We know which exercises burn the most amount of calories, which ones build the most amount of muscle and which ones you need to focus on to reach your specific training goals.

We keep our workouts diverse and intense so that your body never adapts to a particular training routine. By making the decision to work with one of our trainers or by joining one of our small group fitness classes you are taking the first step to empowering and enriching your life. You are displaying a willingness of dedication in time and effort to achieving the results you desire.

Not only will we hold you accountable for your workouts, but we will also push you beyond your limits and help you achieve goals that you thought would never be possible to obtain. If you are ready to get serious about your health & fitness, then we are committed to helping you succeed.

As fitness professionals we work with all different types of clients in need of instruction and coaching in the following areas:

• Weight Loss Management
• Strength Training
• Sports Conditioning
• Post-Injury Rehabilitation
• Nutritional Programing
• Exercise Programing
• Contest Preparation

Who We Work With

We work with everyone! From corporate executives in need of fitting exercise into their busy daily schedules, to athletes who desire to improve their skills in a specific sport, and to everyday people looking to just improve their overall health, by adding on quality lean muscle and losing any unwanted body fat. 

As personal trainers we teach safe and effective exercise techniques; monitor, record and evaluate progress; make adjustments in our clients’ programs as necessary; and provide constant support and motivation to help all of our clients remain consistent with both their training and nutritional plans.

Where to Start

We begin my helping you set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely goals). We then set realistic time lines to reach these goals and provide you with the tools necessary to stay focused and committed along the way. You are less likely to cheat on your diet or take time off from your training when you have your trainer holding you accountable for both.

Your trainer will create a safe and effective customized training program designed specifically towards your fitness goals and current level of fitness. We don’t create generic or “one-size-fits-all” programs for our clients. You are an individual and therefore deserve to be treated as one. What works for one person may and usually does not work for another.

Our Mission

Our mission is and always will be to promote healthy lifestyle changes and to help inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. We believe that by helping others make healthy choices and by diminishing poor dietary habits we are all helping to raise the standards and expectations of healthy living for future generations to come.


All of our trainers are certified with the BCRPA and are fully licensed and insured. The BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association) is one of the most well-known and reputable fitness associations in British Columbia. The BCRPA certification itself is one of the highest certifications that a fitness professional can obtain. The BCRPA also requires that all members must renew their credentials every two years by taking continuing educational courses so that they can maintain their training license and remain insured. Our trainers are also certified in Standard First Aid & CPR. 

As dedicated trainers we are continuously keeping ourselves up to date and educated on any new changes or recent developments that occur within the fitness industry. By keeping ourselves informed on the latest fad diets, supplement news and training techniques we are ensuring our clients that we can remain a source of information and provide resources through professional referrals as the same time.

Great Trainers = Great Results

Finally, we are fitness enthusiasts who practice what we preach. We can promise you that we will put forth our utmost effort and support so that you leave each session with the confidence knowing that you are one step closer to reaching your personal fitness goals.

Why Choose Us

Take a look around. Obesity is an epidemic. While this epidemic has started to attract more and more media attention, we are still losing the battle. Government statistics reveal that weight related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and osteoarthritis account for over sixty million deaths worldwide each year. People of all ages are spending too much time in front of computers and televisions, and this increasingly sedentary lifestyle is taking a tremendous toll on their health. The primary treatment for obesity is dieting and physical exercise.That’s where we come in…..

Customer Service

When looking to hire any professional to do a quality job it is important for the consumer to do some research beforehand on the company and service they wish to hire. It is absolutely necessary for the client to feel confident and comfortable with the person or establishment they have chosen to work with. We believe that personal training should be no different. Therefore we encourage you to do some research to find out which organization you feel is best suited towards helping you reach your target health and fitness goals while providing you with the best care and quality customer service that you deserve. At Forever Fit we strive to provide exceptional customer service to each individual client so that he or she understands how important their health, fitness goals and business are to us.


If you’re already in decent shape you may be wondering why you should hire a personal trainer. Well how long have you been in just “decent” shape? Are you stuck in a routine that has stopped producing results? It’s so important to change up your workout routine every few months so that you don’t end up hitting a plateau on your way to achieving your fitness goals. Your body craves variety therefore we keep each of your workouts unique and challenging each time you set foot in the gym for your training session. Not only are our programs diverse, they are fun, effective and best of all produce results. Along with your own customized training program, we will provide you with exercises that you practice on your own, or when you are traveling and do not have access to a gym or your trainer.


Our prices are affordable and deemed fair to our clients while at the same time allow us to remain competitive within our industry. Competitors prices can range from anywhere between $80-$150 for a single private training session. We offer a variety of training options that can start from as low as $30 to a high of under $100 depending on the training package that is purchased.


We are located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. We are convenient to those who work and/or live in the downtown core. Don’t have time to come to our gym, that’s fine, we’ll come to you. We also offer mobile personal training to clients who live across the Lower Mainland. Our schedules are flexible as we try are absolute best to work around yours. Whether you prefer to train in the morning, late afternoon or early evening, we make ourselves available to work with you. No gym membership, drop-in fees, or long term contracts required, we cut out and take care of all the reasons and excuses for clients not to exercise.

Peace of Mind

Once, you have made the decision to join our team, you can rest assured that you have made the right and healthy choice. We take pride in our work and expect you to get the most out of each and every session. We can guarantee that even after your first workout, you will leave feeling stronger, energized, more confident and content knowing that you have hired professionals with proven track records for producing results to help you take your physique to the next level.

Meet our trainers

Our trainers are BCRPA certified and are all fully licensed and insured. The BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation And Parks Association) is one of the most well known and reputable fitness associations in British Columbia.


Megan Williamson

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Megan comes to Forever Fit with a background that has always been in movement, as she was a competitive dancer from the age of 3 until 22.

At 18 years old she went on to study dance at the University of California Irvine.  After achieving a BA in Dance, she moved to Los Angeles and worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Megan’s experience began at private training studios which eventually led to working at Equinox (one of the top chain training facilities in the world) for over five years. At Equinox she was a top level trainer and maintained all of her clients for well over the bulk of her time spent there.

Megan’s current certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine’s CPT, Kettlebell level 1 and 2, Pre/Post Natal, Powerplate, TRX, EFTI (Equinox), Rehab, Precision Nutrition, and First aid/AED.

Besides being highly educated within the fitness industry Megan has competed in five bodybuilding shows as a self coached bikini competitor, qualifying for nationals in 2012. Currently Megan is the head trainer and director of Ocean Rehab and Fitness which is geared towards improving the fitness of those who are post-rehab and living with spinal cord injuries and other neuromuscular dysfunctions.


Nick Cosgrove

Owner/Operator BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer CPR / First Aid

With over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry, Nick’s passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals remains at an all time high. Along with his vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology of how the human body operates, Nick brings the same high level of commitment and dedication to each and every client he works with that he applies to himself.

In 2005 Nick established Forever Fit after working with hundreds of clients over the years, and decided it was time to take himself and his clients to the next level. Since then Forever Fit has continued to grow, and constantly strives for new and improved methods in which he and his fellow trainers can help people become more fit, active and overall healthy.

Personal fitness is all about progression and Nick keeps himself updated on the latest research and current fads in the fitness industry, so that he is able to remain a source of health information to all of his clients. By providing clients with intense and effective workouts, he also keeps his programs fresh and challenging so that they do not lose interest or start to lack the motivation necessary to graduate to the next step. His mission is to not just help his clients achieve their fitness goals but more importantly to help hold themselves accountable as they become more educated on their own health and well-being.

As a personal trainer Nick’s job is to motivate, educate and help inspire others to perform at their absolute best each and every day. He is a firm believer in the concept “Fitness For Life” and not only preaches it to his clients but practices it himself on a daily basis.

As a business owner Nick’s number one objective is to make sure that each and every client is given the absolute best care and quality customer service that he or she deserves. Nick developed Forever Fit because of the core belief that it is extremely important to have a strong working relationship with all of his clientele. Nick is always looking for ideas, input and feedback from his clients on what he and his fellow trainers can do to make Forever Fit more productive and how each trainer can help cater more towards each individual client’s specific goals and expectations.

Whether you need to lose weight, build muscle, improve your core strength and increase your flexibility – or a combination of all four training components, Nick will listen to you and provide an absolute solution in order to guide you to your ultimate fitness goals.