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So You Want To Be A Bodybuilder………

Okay, perhaps you don't exactly want to be a bodybuilder but chances are that if you're reading this week's blog, that you do have some interest in the health and fitness industry. Whether that interest lies strictly upon improving your aesthetics, or increasing your speed, agility and strength for your desired sport, or you just want to become overall more healthy and fit, you have an agenda to meet and fitness goal(s) that you want to accomplish. But what if the expectations that you place upon yourself are higher then average? Do you really know what it takes to become an elite athlete or a top fitness competitor in an extremely competitive and cut throat sport? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the body of your dreams? Are you ready to take both your training and diet up to that next level?

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Building a Better Body on a Budget

One of the most common excuses that I hear from time to time from people who want to get into shape is that it's just too damn expensive. To me, this excuse is almost as lame as the "I Don't Have Time" or "I'm Too Tired" excuse. You don't have to break the bank to become more healthy and fit, and you don't need to go into massive amounts of debt to develop a great looking physique.

Listed below are just a few of the cost effective strategies that I use and implement into my own fitness budget to help keep my costs low and the return on my investment (which in this case is my health and my body) high.

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The Things I Hate in the Fitness Industry….

Diet is like religion. Therefore I don't offer my opinion unless I'm asked.

Training is like politics. Therefore I don't give my views unless requested to do so.

And the fitness industry is like a ponzi scheme. Therefore I don't get involved with the fad diets and workout gimmicks unless I've been provoked.

Unfortunately this bear has been poked far too many times lately. The gas has been poured on my fire and I'm ready to ignite. I need to unleash on these fitness phonies. I have to release on these diet gurus. I must expose these fads and the gimmicks for what they truly are. And I probably should do it quickly before my blog gets swiped, deleted or scrolled through in your newsfeed.

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Misunderstanding Your Macronutrients

Contrary to popular belief, carbs DO NOT make you fat. And despite what the food labels might tell you, "Low Fat" DOES NOT necessarily mean healthy and nutritious. And regardless of how many muscle meatheads swear by it, you DO NOT need a surplus amount of protein to build and maintain solid lean muscle.

I know, I know, why should you believe me? After all, I'm just one of those muscle meatheads myself, what do I know about diet and nutrition?

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