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Cardio Confessions

One of the most common questions that I receive from clients on a regular basis is how much cardio should they do in order to lose weight. To be honest, there is no set magical amount of time of cardiovascular exercise that a person should do to burn body fat, as this will depend on each individual. There are however a few tips and tricks that I try to teach our clients to implement into their overall training programs that will enable them to get the most out of their cardiovascular workouts.

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The Life and Times of a Junk Food Junkie…..Part 3

Okay, so how can we change our eating habits? How can we eliminate refined sugar, trans fats, and chemically induced "foods" from our diets for life?

First off...........DON"T

Changing Too Much Too Soon

Whenever a new client signs up to work with us online or in person, he or she is doing so because they need help with their training and sometimes (most times) with their diet. After all, the reason why most people hire a Personal Trainer is because they lack either the knowledge, motivation and/or discipline needed to take their physique and health up to the next level.

Making the decision to work with a trainer, whether privately or in a group class, shows that you are committed to your health and that you are taking your fitness seriously. And when most people begin to work with us, they are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve their target fitness goals.

But depending on the individual that we are working with, we don't always recommend doing "whatever it takes" right away. At least, not completely.

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The Life and Times of a Junk Food Junkie……Part 2

So how do you beat a bad diet? Is it really as simple as just "cutting out sugar"? Can you actually just start your diet "tomorrow" or "next week"? And is it even possible to suddenly stop years of poor eating habits cold turkey and switch to a clean and healthy diet?

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The Life and Times of a Junk Food Junkie

I have a confession to make. Classified information to diffuse. An admission of guilt to disclose to you all....

My name is Nick Cosgrove, and I am a recovering sugar addict.

Yes, it's true. The trainer who practices what he preaches and loves what he does (according to my hashtags on Instagram) has a dirty little secret from his past in which he has hidden buried in his squat rack until today.

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