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A Good Ol’ Fashion Rant & Rave

For the most part, I like to think of myself as a fairly decent, respectful and courteous person. Now I know that many of my clients will disagree with regards to the courteous part (especially the ones that come to my leg day classes) however as I always say - If you have a suggestion, then just simply write it on a piece of paper and drop it into my suggestion box (aka the garbage bin).

Regardless of how hard I might push my clients through their workouts or how much I might lecture them about their diets, I do it because I care and because I want them to achieve results. They are after all hiring me for a premium service and therefore I would only be devaluing this service if I offered them anything less then 100% of my time, effort and energy into helping them succeed. Therefore anyone who has ever worked with me will tell you, that regardless whether you're working with me on the floor or online, I expect you to give 100% to both your diet and your training, as I will be giving 100% of myself to you.

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Dumb Dieting…….

It's WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! TGIW!!!!!

Why am I so excited that it's Wednesday you might ask? Well today marks exactly three months since I started my so-called "Diet". I lowered my carbohydrates slightly, I increased my cardio by an additional ten minutes each day, and I gave up my weekly ice cream and cookie binges. I now do these binges bi-weekly. ;^)

According to all the posts that I've seen and read on Facebook and Instagram from people who are dieting I should be suffering too right? My energy levels must be non existent and I think I'm suppose to feel tired and perhaps a little irritable by now. Oh, and apparently "The Struggle is Real" when you are on a diet. This also seems to be a common quote used by many of my fellow dieters.

Well I hate to disappoint, but I actually feel pretty good and have felt pretty good the entire time I've been "dieting". I feel even better now then I did prior to starting my new eating regime. My strength has increased in the gym and the waistband in my shorts feels a bit looser around my midsection as well. Oh and according to the scale I'm down a total of 27lbs since July 10th. I'm still waiting for that struggle to get real but it just hasn't happened for me yet I guess......

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Sustaining Success With Your Results

With the resurgence of the ever so popular Keto Diet in 2018, one would think that I would eventually address this growing trend to eliminate carbs from a diet. Well, if you scroll back through my weekly blogs from over the years, then you'll find that I already did address the Keto Craze twice already. First back in 2015, and then again in 2017. And if you're a client of mine who trains with me online or in person, then you will already know my thoughts and feelings on putting one's body into a state of ketosis to assist in stimulating fat loss. And for those of you that don't know my opinions on this particular fad diet, then let me be blunt:

- Does the Ketosis Diet help a person lose weight quickly? Short term yes. Long term no.

- Is the Ketosis Diet easy to follow? Short term yes. Long term no.

- Will the Ketosis Diet work? Short term yes. Long term, well, you get my point.....

But rather then rehash and try to resurrect a topic of which I have covered immensely over the years, it occurred to me that this week's blog needs to be directed more towards as to why I don't follow and/or incorporate popular dieting trends into my customized nutritional plans or allow my clients to fall victim to these fad diets that seem to have the ability to keep getting regurgitated every few years.

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The Facts on Fat

Why is it that so many of us have difficulty losing weight? I mean unless a person has an issue with their thyroid or is taking a type of medication that slows down their metabolism and causes excessive weight gain, then the reality is that losing weight really shouldn't be that difficult. Most of us already know that to lose weight, we need to burn more calories then we consume each day. Therefore it seems pretty obvious and logical as to what is needed to be done to make that number on the scale go down a few spots. A few additional workouts each week and few hundred fewer calories consumed each day, should usually do the trick. And it usually does! Except for when it doesn't..........

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