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How To Avoid The Holiday Hangover

With Christmas less then a week away, I suppose it's only fitting, that as fitness professional, I write some generic dribble about how to keep the weight off this holiday season. I probably should post some dieting tips such as eating a healthy meal before going to your family function or social gathering, so that you're less likely to binge on the "bad foods" while you're enjoying yourself. I should also provide some exercise ideas such as walking to your Christmas parties, rather then driving to them, to burn off those extra couple hundred calories. And I guess it's technically my job to shame and/or make you feel guilty for the lack of exercise and overindulgence that most people fall victim to during this time of year.......

Well, The Hell With That!

It's time to be Holly! It's time to be Jolly! And it's time to enjoy the Holiday Season!

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Holiday Rant – Version 5.0

For the 5th Consecutive Year in a Row, I Bring To You My Annual Holiday Rant........


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The Life & Times of a Professional Procrastinator

We live in a society that's bursting with procrastination. It's easy to set aside a goal, chore or an assignment that you know you should complete today, but have no trouble finding an excuse as to why you just can't complete tomorrow. And tomorrow can easily turn into next week, which can lead into next month, which will ultimately transform into the possibility of next year. In many cases, the more time that passes, the less chance the chore, assignment or goal that you once set, has a chance to even come to true fruition as it becomes completely forgotten or given up upon all together.

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Reinventing a Wheel That’s Not Broken

Can I be completely honest? I'm extremely fed up with the direction that today's fitness culture is going. I can't log onto Facebook without seeing a self proclaimed fitness expert preaching about living an active and healthy lifestyle while they sit on their ass stuffing their faces with Pizza and Oreo Cookies because "It Fits Their Macros". And good luck scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed at any given time without seeing at least a handful of scantly clad women and/or men showcasing their "results" while their bent-over in the bathroom mirror or taking a shameless selfie in the squat rack. These fad diets are getting to me and these fitness narcissists are annoying me.

So what should I do?

Block Them? Bully Them? Beat Them?

No. These actions are not answers nor are they solutions. So rather then rant and rave and use my words as weapons, I've decided to try a new approach and use my words as wisdom. This week, I want to reach out to you the reader. I want to simplify this fitness lifestyle. I want to get you excited about training. I want to get you motivated about cleaning up your diet. And I want to do all this without taking a shirtless photo and/or trying to promote some kooky diet/training program.

So get ready because I'm about to officially rock your fitness world!

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