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The Facts on Fat

Why is it that so many of us have difficulty losing weight? I mean unless a person has an issue with their thyroid or is taking a type of medication that slows down their metabolism and causes excessive weight gain, then the reality is that losing weight really shouldn't be that difficult. Most of us already know that to lose weight, we need to burn more calories then we consume each day. Therefore it seems pretty obvious and logical as to what is needed to be done to make that number on the scale go down a few spots. A few additional workouts each week and few hundred fewer calories consumed each day, should usually do the trick. And it usually does! Except for when it doesn't..........

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How To Spot a Shitty Supplement

It no secret that the supplement industry is a multi billion dollar industry. And with good reason. Supplement companies spend a great amount of their time, effort, energy and money towards marketing their products to unsuspecting consumers who are naive and desperate enough to try anything to help transform both their health and their physiques for the better.

How many times have you seen a supplement ad in a magazine or online that guarantees "rapid weight loss" or promises "fast muscle growth", as long as you're taking their product? And if you end up being one of those unsuspecting fools who have fallen victim to these common sleazy marketing campaigns and have handed over your hard earned cash for a bottle of powdered pixie dust or a couple of pills laced with fillers and additives, don't worry, you're not alone. Chances are that when you first started out training and were looking to make some significant gains with your physique, you might have purchased a fake supplement or two. I know that I did.

So if you've been duped once or twice from a shitty supplement company or perhaps are new to this fitness lifestyle and want to avoid falling victim to another sleazy supplement scam, then I strongly suggest you keep reading.

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Developing an Exit Strategy……Part 2

So what do you do when that big event that you've been training for has come and passed? How do you go back to eating "normally" after months and months of strict dieting? When do you decide to implement your exit strategy?

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Developing an Exit Strategy…….Part 1

What do I know about Depression?

From a clinical standpoint, not much.

However I do understand that depression is a very common and serious medical illness that can negatively effect how a person feels, the way that they think, and even how they act. Depression can also cause sadness and/or loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.

Now even though I would not consider myself to be a depressed individual, I have recently loss interest in an activity that I very much enjoy - Workout Out. I believe the reason for my disinterest in the gym though stems from my recent fitness competition that I just completed last weekend. You see, up until the day of my competition, I pretty much spent the majority of my waking hours in the gym. Between my resistance training workouts, my cardiovascular training workouts and all the other workouts that I take our clients and small group classes through on a daily basis, I basically lived in the gym for the past month. And as much as I enjoy my job and as much as I look forward to lifting some heavy ass weights while performing hours upon hours of endless cardiovascular sessions on the treadmill, my body and my mind NEEDS a break.......from EXERCISE!!!!!

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