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Perfecting The Perfect Program

To develop the perfect physique you need to develop the perfect program.



First of all, what exactly is considered to be the perfect physique? To me, the answer to this question is subjective as most of us will have our own idea as to what the perfect physique looks like. Most men for example, would love to have chiseled pecs and ripped abs year round. And I'm almost positive that most women wouldn't complain if they had a flat midsection and a killer looking ass 24/7. But these images are based purely on aesthetics and nothing else. And in my opinion, there is so much more that goes into developing the perfect physique then just a nice looking butt and bulging biceps. For myself personally, I believe the perfect physique, is one that is not just lean and muscular, but is also healthy and functional. My ideal perfect physique is one that rarely gets run down, burnt out and/or sick. The perfect physique remains young, fit and attractive forever. And after all my years of extensive research, hardcore dieting and gruelling training, I've come to the conclusion that the perfect physique does not exist.

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Why Your Injury Might Not Be Improving

I don't like Drake.

I can't understand Man Buns.

I won't stand for selfies.

People who text in between their sets piss me off.

"Sunday Fundays" annoy me.

Training Journals / Diaries perplex me.

CrossFit scares me.

Wannabe Instagram Stars depress me.

And not being proactive while working through an injury concerns me..........

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Misunderstanding Your Macronutrients Part 2

Okay, so we know that we need to eat for our goals. We've covered our carbs. W've gone through the facts on fats. So what's left?

Oh right! Protein, Calories and Micronutrients!

Let's Get Started!

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Misunderstanding Your Macronutrients Part 1

Lately I’ve been receiving more and more questions about the roles that certain macronutrients play when it comes to diet and nutrition from both our on floor and online clients so I figured this would be a good topic to cover and discuss for this week’s blog.

In my opinion, having a basic understanding of proper nutrition is one of the most important components that a person can have and utilize when trying to better their health and their fitness. Regardless if your goal is to build muscle, burn body fat or just become more overall healthy and fit, if you don’t take your diet seriously in the kitchen, then you’re not going to achieve significant results with your physique in the gym. Sure, you might add a little bit of muscle and lose a little bit of fat from your workouts, however once you hit a plateau (and trust me, you will hit a plateau) something has got to give. And in most cases, it’s going to be what you put in your mouth.

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