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Criticizing My Own Critics

A few weeks ago I released a blog shaming fitness professionals and workout junkies alike, for shaming other people online and in person for not being as keen on exercise as they might be. Yes, we all know that there are 24 hours in a day. And sure, a one hour workout only takes up 4% of that day. Also, if you want something bad enough then you will do it! Blah Blah Blah......WE GET IT!!!!! You like to exercise. You are in love with the gym. You're obsessed with your "Gainz", and You've perfected your narcissistic selfies while being able to memorize some motivational quotes. Good for you. But I've grown tired of your ridiculous fit living rhetoric and I find your overly enthusiastic "All or Nothing" posts nauseating at the best of times. I'm mad, I'm annoyed, and I'm also a little bit constipated (too much oatmeal lately). But this week I'm going to refrain from unleashing another can of whoop ass on these moronic meatheads. Instead, this week I want to try and relate to the people that truly do have difficulty fitting in their workouts and following a consistently clean diet. I want to provide solutions to help them, rather then lectures to make them feel bad about not being as "perfect" as the cardio queens and iron kings of the world.

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My Insight on Intermittent Fasting

To me, Intermittent Fasting is one of the latest and most popular FAD Diets currently being promoted and marketed within the Fitness Industry. This diet along with other diets such as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) however in my opinion are not an effective strategy to eat or diet for people who train with weights on a regular basis.

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Mind Over Muscle

According to recent studies out of the university of Who Gives a Crap - Sitting on your ass while doing absolutely nothing burns ZERO calories. And if what we're told from many fitness enthusiasts and workout junkies alike, is that "There is No Such Thing as a Bad Workout", is in fact true, then surely just getting ourselves to the gym is better then not doing anything, right? And if Bro Science states that to burn fat you MUST do cardio and cut your carbs drastically and in order to build muscle you MUST lift heavy and as often as possible, then how can you be expected to think differently?

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Why Can’t I Meal Prep?

We've all heard the famous saying that to develop the best looking physique it takes "80% Diet and 20% Training". Well I personally believe that saying is a load of crap! If you want to truly develop your physique and improve upon your health and fitness, then it's going to take 100% DIET and 100% TRAINING. You can't half ass your workouts in the gym and eat clean in the kitchen, and expect to notice significant changes in your physique. Nor can you train your ass off each and every workout while binging on pizza and ice cream and expect to have ripped abs and a lean/muscular looking physique. It's all or nothing......PERIOD!

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