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80% Diet & 20% Exercise – Fact or Fiction?

80% Diet & 20% Exercise?


 No you can’t out train a bad diet and yes, you are what you eat. And for most people, if you eat like shit, you’re probably going to look and feel like shit. However the famous 80% Diet & 20% Exercise theory is total crap and in my not so humble opinion, just more Bro Science that has been regurgitated for decades on end.
Well the dumbbell drops here!
If you want to change your aesthetics, if you want to become more fit, and if you want to improve your overall health, then it’s got to be 100% DIET & 100% EXERCISE.
Yes, you can have the occasional cheat meal (NOT CHEAT DAY) and still achieve fantastic results with your physique. However if you’re under the impression that you can skip the gym and just keep track of your macros to stay in shape, you are in for a shocking surprise in the long term.

More Muscle = Less FatYes, having more muscle does usually equate to having less body fat. Muscle burns calories. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn on a daily basis. I don’t consider myself to be overly muscular however I do like to eat. And I like to eat ALOT. Therefore a huge motivating factor for me to hit the gym on a regular basis is that working out intensely with weights allows me to pretty much eat whatever I like and as much as I like (within reason), whenever I like. I also like to look and feel good about myself and lifting weights helps boost my self esteem, allows me to destress and actually provides me with more energy throughout my working day.

Don’t Be a Cardio Queen!

I’ve always been perplexed when I see people struggling away on the treadmill or stairclimber for hours on end, day after day and yet rarely if ever do I notice a change in their physiques. For the most part, these people are typically not overweight because they practically starve themselves to stay lean, however they usually tend to lack any sort of muscle definition and therefore to me at least, their physiques are not aesthetically pleasing. It’s not that their not fit, it’s just that they’re bodies look tired and worn out. This ofcourse could be due to multiply factors, however in my opinion the main cause for their scrawny, gaunt and frail appearance, is due to overtraining of the neuromuscular system. Their adrenal glands are fried and I hate to even imagine what their doing to their thyroid and metabolism in the long term.

Eat Like Shit, Feel Like Shit

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m a sugar addict. It’s not as bad as it once was when I was younger, however I, just like the rest of you, do occasionally indulge and cheat on my diet. In all my years of helping people with their own diets and designing nutritional plans, I’ve yet to come across someone who had a perfect diet, including myself. But even though I do like to have the occasional cheat meal, I rarely if ever fall too far off my regular nutritional plan. Why? Because I feel like absolute crap when I do. I don’t like feeling bloated, I don’t like feeling tired, and I don’t like feeling constipated. I hate when I can feel my energy levels fluctuating throughout the day due to a sudden decrease in my blood sugar levels or spiking of my insulin levels (which is a common cause of poor eating habits).

Skinny Fat is OUT

“Skinny Fat” is a term used in the fitness industry to describe people who are naturally lean in appearance, however lack any true muscle definition or strength due to their sedentary lifestyle. These are the types of people that overweight people hate, because they can, for the most part get away with eating whatever they like without it effecting their waistline. However just because someone is skinny or lean does not necessarily mean that they are healthy and fit. Remember, appearances can be deceiving. Genetics are not everything but they definitely are something. If you’ve struggled with your weight your entire life and have a hard time losing body fat, then you have a slow metabolism. If you have a hard time adding on weight and find yourself constantly having to consume food just to hold on to every ounce of muscle you have, then you have a fast metabolism. Whatever your DNA makeup is, you have to work with what you got.

Strive for Success

If I can suggest anything to you it would be to not strive to be skinny and to not strive to be overly muscular. I would suggest that you strive to eat clean daily and strive to exercise regularly. Strive to be healthy. Strive to be fit. Strive to look and feel good about yourself. Strive to improve your quality of life. And strive to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Yours in Good Health,

Nick Cosgrove
Forever Fit Performance