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Diet Wars

When I first started my career as a Personal Trainer, I did so with the utmost of intensions to help people become more healthy and fit. I wanted to teach people how to improve their own quality of life through diet and exercise. I consistently stressed the importance of living an active lifestyle by promoting and following a regular training routine and a balanced nutritional plan myself. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to change peoples’ lives. I wanted results.

Fast forward almost two decades later and I still want to do all of these things. However with age comes experience. And in all of my years of experience in this industry I’ve learned ALOT of things about training and nutrition. I’ve also learned ALOT of things about people. And one of the most important things that I’ve learned about people when it comes to diet and exercise is that they can’t be helped unless they want to be helped. And by this, I simply mean that if someone really wants to change, then they will be doing to do whatever it takes to create that change. And for the people who know they can’t change on their own, or that want to change in the safest, quickest and most effective way possible, then they come to us.

Quality & Quantity – Yes, You Can Have Both

As any of our clients that have ever worked with me knows, I like to eat. In fact, I LOVE to eat. And I LOVE to eat ALOT. And because I love to eat alot, I know that I need to exercise alot to be able to remain lean and muscular year round. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as an “Off Season” when it comes to a person’s health and aesthetics. But even though I like to eat alot, I always make sure that 90% of the foods that enter my body are good for me and will not hinder my results, both externally and internally. I don’t count calories, nor do I rarely if ever even bother to keep track of my macronutrients when it comes to my own diet. I simply go by how I look and how I feel. If I find myself constantly feeling tired or lethargic, then I increase my carbs. If I feel more hungry at certain times of the day then others, then I rotate my fats. And if I begin to notice muscle atrophy within my physique, then I simply switch up my proteins.

Functional Eating

Just as I don’t believe in an “Off Season”, I also don’t believe in “Taking it Easy ” when it comes to exercise and working out. I believe in always trying to do my absolute best at everything I do year round. So when it comes to being healthy and fit, I teach my clients to do everything in their power to give themselves the upper hand and advantage both inside and outside of the gym when it comes to their diet and nutrition. For example, if you’re going to have a heavy leg training session, it only make sense to fuel your body with some complex carbohydrates  before you enter the gym. The amount of carbs that you consume will ofcourse depend on your size, weight, age and gender, however without the necessary fuel for your workout, your body will only take you so far. Yes, you want to be able to enjoy your food, but who’s to say that you can’t eat for function as well as for taste and enjoyment? Get creative in the kitchen! Learn to make your foods both functional and enjoyable. If you know how to make even the cleanest of foods, taste good, you’re already half way through your body transformation battle.

Fu*k the Fads

A common question that I receive from new clients all the time is to what my thoughts and opinions are on ___________(enter current fad diet here). Regardless of what diet I’m being asked about, my response always remains the same – IT SUCKS!!!!

Yes, Ketosis does work at burning fat. And yes Intermittent Fasting will  provide you with lots of energy throughout the day. And I know that South Beach, Weight Watchers and Bernstein’s Diet will help you lose weight. But I stay firm on my above statement – DIETS SUCK!!!

I don’t follow diets nor do I design diets for clients because I simply don’t believe in diets. Diets are not sustainable. Sure, in the short term, you might see some results. However if it’s not realistic for you to remain on your current diet for the rest of your natural born life, then you’re really just setting yourself up for failure and risking some type of metabolic meltdown in the long term.

Sustainable = Success

In my opinion an effective Nutritional Plan is one in which is designed for the individual that is following it. A smart Nutritional Plan will be customized towards each individual’s specific goals, genetics, level of fitness, lifestyle, etc. An efficient Nutritional Plan is one in which is created to produce results without sacrificing health and depriving oneself of essential nutrients and vitamins. And the ultimate Nutritional Plan is one that is sustainable and maintainable for life.

So do you really need to make drastic changes to your current diet to make drastic changes with your health and your physique? I don’t know. Only you can answer that. But if you don’t like the way that you look and you don’t like the way that you feel, then perhaps it time you start examining the way that you eat.

“Those Who Have No Time For Healthy Eating Will Sooner Or Later Have To Find Time For Illness”
– Edward Stanley

Yours in Good Health,

Nick Cosgrove
Forever Fit Performance