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Beating the Bullies

Happy New Year!

Before I begin this week's blog I want to start off by wishing every single one of you the absolute best in 2018. I hope that you are able to achieve your dreams, accomplish your goals and reach a new level of success with your health, family and finances in the New Year.

I've never really been the type of person to make New Year's Resolutions. I guess I just never understood the reason to wait until a certain date on the calendar to make a change in my lifestyle that I was not happy with. With that said I do understand the reasoning behind these resolutions and why so many people make them at the beginning of a fresh new year. After all, I do work in the fitness industry and one of the most popular resolutions that people make each year is to become more fit, active and overall healthy.

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A Year in Review…….

As we begin to close in on the 2017 calendar season, I can't help but reflect on the year that's become. 2017 was an amazing year for our small company, as we achieved many of the goals of which we set out to accomplish at the beginning of January. In March we moved to a new training facility, which at first we thought would be a risky move given that many of our clients had become so accustomed to our previous location. However fortunately for us, this gamble paid off well, as we only received positive feedback from our clients who much preferred the privacy, exclusive use, and training environment that our new location provides. In June we introduced 3 new additional small group classes and in July, due to an increase in demand, we were able to add 3 more. In October we celebrated our 10th year anniversary in business, which for anyone who operates a small business knows, is a feat in itself. 2017 also saw the online portion of our business reach new heights, as we are now currently working with over one hundred clients online throughout North America designing both customized nutritional plans and training programs. And although I am extremely grateful and proud for the success that we have attained this year, I cannot ignore the fact that absolutely none of this would have been possible without the help and support of our respected clients.

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How To Avoid The Holiday Hangover

With Christmas less then a week away, I suppose it's only fitting, that as fitness professional, I write some generic dribble about how to keep the weight off this holiday season. I probably should post some dieting tips such as eating a healthy meal before going to your family function or social gathering, so that you're less likely to binge on the "bad foods" while you're enjoying yourself. I should also provide some exercise ideas such as walking to your Christmas parties, rather then driving to them, to burn off those extra couple hundred calories. And I guess it's technically my job to shame and/or make you feel guilty for the lack of exercise and overindulgence that most people fall victim to during this time of year.......

Well, The Hell With That!

It's time to be Holly! It's time to be Jolly! And it's time to enjoy the Holiday Season!

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Holiday Rant – Version 5.0

For the 5th Consecutive Year in a Row, I Bring To You My Annual Holiday Rant........


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