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My Confession……Part 4

I spent the rest of the day working alongside Mr. Karmali in the school's gymnasium. I'm sure he wondered why I was not attending my own classes however not once did he ask me why I had so much free time that day. Looking back now I think he knew on some level that I was unhappy in school and wanted to leave. I believe he thought that by allowing me to assist him with his classes that I would feel needed which in turn would make me less likely to leave that day. And he was right.

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My Confession……Part 3

I entered my final year of High school with very little academic credits or community service hours to my name (both of which I needed in order to graduate). I had missed so much school that I was even behind kids that were in grades below me. I felt the only choice that made sense was to drop out of school and work more so that I could further my financial situation and completely move out on my own. After a few weeks of deliberating in my head as to what I should do, I had made my decision, this would be my last week at school for good.

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My Confession……Part 2

By the time I had turned fifteen I had been expelled from one school and had already been suspended from my current school twice (all within the same school year). I skipped numerous classes and sometimes was absent for entire days. When I did attend class, I may have been there physically but mentally I was checked out. I didn't care about education or the punishments that I would receive from not handing in assignments on time. To me, the entire schooling system was a waste of time and effort and as an egotistical, arrogant teenage punk, I ofcourse thought that I had much more important things to do with my ever so precious time.

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My Confession…..

As a Personal Fitness Trainer it is my job to educate and motivate people on how to become more fit and overall more healthier. I promote the importance of living an active lifestyle on a daily occurence both to our clients and to others through the power of social media. From my training videos on Instagram, to my workout tips or "tweets" on Twitter, to even my healthy muscle-building recipes posted on our Facebook Group Page, I try my absolute best to remain a constant resource for the latest health and nutritional information to everyone who supports my efforts. As much as I enjoy providing our clients and others with this useful and helpful knowledge, I feel that I myself have been living a lie. See, as much as many of my own clients may think that I have always practiced living the healthy and fit lifestyle just as much as I preach it, this in fact has not always been the case. There actually was once a time in my life where I considered working out to be a complete waste of time and the thought of eating healthy was an absolute joke.

So without further ado I bring to you, my confession.....

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