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The Ultimate Training Experience

As most of our clients know I don't believe in generic training programs or diet plans. In fact, I find Canada's Health Food Guidelines to be completely outdated and the BMI to be fairly useless. I believe as individuals we should be treated as such and therefore it's important to create a fitness formula that is customized to fit each person's specific training goals and designed the lifestyle in which they live. With that said I do understand that there are some general guidelines to be followed when it comes to diet and nutrition as well as training for weight loss or hypertrophy. However when a client decides to work with me I usually throw the majority of these "guidelines" out the window and start from scratch.

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Deadly Dieting Sins

Ah, the fitness industry. An industry filled with motivational speakers, perfect physiques and healthy and happy people. Unfortunately it's also an industry filled with empty promises, false pretences and greedy salesmen just trying to make a quick buck. My apologies for any negativity but there's only so much manure I can shovel in one day and I'm now in desperate need to fertilize my lawn (My brain hurts so much right now that I don't even get my own analogies at the moment). So bare with me as I try to debunk a few of these so-called "Diet Tips" and try to stop them dead in their tracks before they cause a metabolic massacre or create a toxic thyroid travesty.

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Mr & Mrs Know-It-All

There is nothing that irritates me more then a know-it-all. Wait, let me retract that last statement - There is nothing that irritates me more then a know-it-all who constantly offers unsolicited advice to others. Actually let me rephrase that one more time - There is nothing that irritates me more then a know-it-all who constantly offers unsolicited inaccurate and absolutely terrible advice to others.

We all know or know of someone who thinks he or she knows it all. No matter what the subject in question is this person usually has an answer for everything. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for listening to the advice from people who I trust and respect. But for me to listen to this advice the person first needs to gain my trust and then they need to earn my respect. I'm not just going to take the advice or a tip from a stranger I just met, that would be crazy. So why then do so many people listen to and follow bad advice given by complete strangers?

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Making Up My Own Motivation

Now that the calendar year has turned a new month a common theme has started to redevelop in the gym again.....it's empty. I remember just a couple of weeks ago when I would walk into our training facility and I would literally have to wait 5-10 minutes just for a few precious square feet of gym real estate to open up so that I could train one of my groups. So what happened? Where did all the New Year's Resolutioners go? The intentions were good, the motivation was high but the moment has officially passed.

I've also noticed that even some of the gym regulars have reduced their own training frequency again in the gym since the end of January. Did all of these people achieve their target health and fitness goals already? If they did, I would love to know their secret because it's been well over 15 years since I first stepped foot in the gym and I'm still nowhere close to accomplishing what I set out to achieve.

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