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Why Can’t I Meal Prep?

We've all heard the famous saying that to develop the best looking physique it takes "80% Diet and 20% Training". Well I personally believe that saying is a load of crap! If you want to truly develop your physique and improve upon your health and fitness, then it's going to take 100% DIET and 100% TRAINING. You can't half ass your workouts in the gym and eat clean in the kitchen, and expect to notice significant changes in your physique. Nor can you train your ass off each and every workout while binging on pizza and ice cream and expect to have ripped abs and a lean/muscular looking physique. It's all or nothing......PERIOD!

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The Unconventional Trainer

Truth be told I really shouldn't be a Personal Trainer. I mean, I'm not perky, I won't do giddy, and there are not enough stimulants in the world to make me overly enthusiastic about a 60 minute workout. I don't want to scream and yell at people all day long. I refrain from shaming clients about their diets online and in person. And I absolutely refuse to high five anyone for doing anything that they should be doing anyways, regardless of whether they are inside or outside of the gym. I don't care about "Booty Gains" and inspirational quotes attached to gym selfies make me nauseous. I don't believe in forcing people to do "1 MORE REP!!!!" when it's quite obvious that they should have stopped 5 reps earlier when their form began to look like shit. I can't get behind man buns and I don't support Intermittent Fasting. I don't record my clients' workouts in a diary nor do I care to find out what their PR's are (Personal Records). Generic warm-ups on the treadmill bore me. Olympic Lifting for beginners scares me. And CrossFit......Well CrossFit just annoys me.

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Do You Have Shitty Genetics?

Do you struggle to lose fat? Do you have difficulty building muscle? Does your cardiovascular endurance suck?

Are you putting in the necessary time and effort into your daily workouts?
Are you remaining disciplined in the kitchen with your diet?
Are you staying focused on your health and fitness goals 24/7?

If you know that you're doing everything to the utmost of your ability both inside and outside of the gym to transform your physique and improve your overall health, yet are still not achieving the results you want, then perhaps your lack of results are not due to a lack of effort. Perhaps your lack of results are due to a lack of good genetics.

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What Should I Eat?

There is nothing I hate more then unsolicited advice. Regardless of whether the person who is offering me the advice or providing me with their suggestions, is doing so with good intentions and only has my best interest in mind, if I'm not asking for it, I most likely don't want it. And for this reason, I'm very careful with how I offer my own advice and selective as to whom I offer this advice to.

When it comes to giving advice and guidance on diet and nutrition, I've always been quite reserved with the information that I provide to my clients unless I'm asked for it. To me, diet is like religion or politics. What some people might consider "healthy" and "clean" foods, others might view as unhealthy and/or even dangerous to consume. A Vegetarian might believe that consuming meat is unnatural and cruel to animals. Whereas a Meat Eater might be under the impression that the best and only true way to consume quality protein sources is from lean cuts of meat. Then you have the so-called "Health Nuts" who believe that anything and everything that enters our mouths should be labeled as "Organic". Throw in a couple of angry Vegans who will ostracize you from society if you even consider eating or using something that could be considered harmful to the environment, and you've got a massive can of worms that has just exploded in your lap to clean up if you even think about offering your two cents to the world.

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