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The Life & Times of a Professional Procrastinator

We live in a society that’s bursting with procrastination. It’s easy to set aside a goal, chore or an assignment that you know you should complete today, but have no trouble finding an excuse as to why you just can’t complete tomorrow. And tomorrow can easily turn into next week, which can lead into next month, which will ultimately transform into the possibility of next year. In many cases, the more time that passes, the less chance the chore, assignment or goal that you once set, has a chance to even come to true fruition as it becomes completely forgotten or given up upon all together.

Falling into the Fitness Procrastination Pitfall

I would suggest without a doubt, that procrastination is extremely common when it comes to achieving one’s health and fitness goals. This is easy to understand for a few reasons. For one, most people don’t get paid to exercise. Therefore it’s hard to be motivated by finances. Second, working out can be somewhat time consuming. Therefore there has to be some sacrifices made on time restraints and social obligations. Many people are not willing to sacrifice too much of their time for what they may view as not much of a return on their initial investment. Finally, dieting consistently sucks and training intensely is hard. Thus can you really blame someone for not finding this lifestyle attractive? Life is already difficult enough. Why add more stress to your day to day living with heavy weight lifting and rigorous cardiovascular activity?

Hence, why we as trainers commonly here the famous excuses such as “I don’t have time” or “I’m going to start my diet tomorrow” or “As soon as this or that is done, I can get started on my exercise plan”. Yeah, Yeah, Yawn…..We’ve literally heard it all before. But I never pass judgement or scold people when I hear these excuses. The people of whom we work with are adults. They don’t need to babysat. Our jobs as Trainers are to provide some accountability to our clients, not hold their hand and lift the damn weights for them! But as a Trainer it is also my job to provide some insight and tactics that our clients can use to avoid plummeting into the vicious procrastination pitfall when it comes to their training and diet.

Prepare, Prepare and Prepare Some More

If you don’t prepare to do battle, then how can you expect to succeed? The number one thing we tell our clients to do is to get into the habit of preparing themselves ahead of time, all the time. This means preparing their meals for the next few days rather then for the next few minutes. If you are too busy to prep your own meals, then hire a meal prep service company to do it for you. If the only time you can go to the gym is in the early mornings before work, then pack your gym/work bag before you go to sleep. The last thing you want to do is be running around the house in the morning, unorganized, looking for things when you’re already in a rush to get out the door and to the gym. Make it as simple as possible to get yourself to the gym and you will be less likely to find an excuse as to why you cannot go to the gym.

Plan Accordingly

I work with people who’s schedules literally change upon the hour. I have one client who can be in Vancouver one day and then scheduled to leave for Japan the next day with little to no notice. And in my 8+ years of working with this individual, he has never once missed or skipped a workout. The reason he is able to do this is because he has figured out a way to incorporate fitness into his daily lifestyle. Whether he is working with me at my gym at 5am in the morning or training somewhere on his own across the globe at 10pm at night, he’s planned time to fit in his workout regardless of how busy he might be. If you plan for mishaps, schedule conflicts, last minute meetings, and even the occasional emergency, you’ll never go too long without missing a meal or a workout.

Shut Out Social Media

Social Media is like a double edge sword, it can help us in many ways, but it can also destroy us in just as many ways. I have to admit that I personally have been suckered into the Social Media World at times and have found myself scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed and spending far too much time “liking” posts and photos from my friends on Facebook. But in my line of business, work and training ALWAYS comes first. When I’m on the floor working with a client or online designing a nutritional plan or training program, I always give my undivided attention to what I am doing. I turn off my notifications on my phone and don’t turn them back on until my work has been complete. The same goes for when I am at the gym working out. I don’t stop between sets to take a selfie or update my status on Facebook to tell everyone that I am at the gym. Training is serious business to me. I take my business serious. Social Media is and always will take a backseat to Real Life. If you have to set your phone aside at the office or leave it in your locker at the gym to get your workout done with little to no distractions then do it. Remember, the Cyber World is not real. Your life is. Therefore your real life goals, tasks and assignments have to take precedence over selfie filters and emoji faces.

In Pursuit of Perfection

Look, I, just like you, do procrastinate from time to time. But there’s a time for work and there’s a time for play. I still struggle at times to be able to separate the two as it’s a constant work in progress. But I’m aware of my faults and focused on improving my weaknesses. I don’t live in denial and I never refuse to give up upon achieving my dreams.

Remember, the best time to get something done is to begin.

Yours in Good Health,

Nick Cosgrove
Forever Fit Performance