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Lilia Chiarello

I have been training with Nick, in a small group session, for over a year. Nick is knowledgeable, personable and motivating. He runs an incredibly professional gym. Nick takes into account my strengths and injuries and tailors every workout to my individual needs. I always leave his sessions feeling energized! I look forward to my weekly session with Nick!


Nila Gopaul

I first learned about Nick Cosgrove eight months ago through gym mates, Grant and Simon, who I hadn’t see in a while and who looked….amazing!
“What changed? What are you doing differently?” I asked enthusiastically. Both individuals had started training with Nick.

Here is what I love and appreciate about Nick, and why I won’t go anywhere else:
He is an excellent trainer who respects and empowers every client – regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. I admire his dedication, his intellect, and knowledge in the field of health and education and fitness. He practices what he preaches, and I always learn something new from his classes and his blog posts. Nick is completely “present”, in the moment, focused on each of us, reminding us to breathe properly, adjusting our technique when needed, modifying our exercises (because he remembers what we can/cannot do, for e.g. with past injuries), while encouraging, challenging and pushing us.

Therapeutically, I have benefitted tremendously from Nick’s coaching. The severe pain and stiffness, I once suffered as a result of an accident, have subsided; my strength and my range of motion have improved significantly. I now have more confidence in my weight training abilities. Consequently, my serotonin levels are way, way up!

My gratitude to Nick for helping me to feel and be strong again….and to Grant and Simon who, by the way, still look amazing!


Duane Runzer

I have been training with Nick for 4 months now. I can honestly say that I have not had better workouts in my 25 years of training. I love the group training sessions. It’s motivating to train with a group of people that all have similar fitness goals as it helps increase the intensity of the workouts!


Arthur Laskowski

So grateful for my awesome trainer, Nick Cosgrove at Forever Fit Performance, for his spot-on advice and training program. Nine weeks from fatty to fit…. Thanks Nick! If anyone is looking for general fitness or wants to take it up a notch, you have to see Nick. Personalized programs, and a wealth of knowledge.