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Arthur Laskowski

So grateful for my awesome trainer, Nick Cosgrove at Forever Fit Performance, for his spot-on advice and training program. Nine weeks from fatty to fit…. Thanks Nick! If anyone is looking for general fitness or wants to take it up a notch, you have to see Nick. Personalized programs, and a wealth of knowledge.


Alana Pishton

I’ve been training with Nick for over 5 years. During this time I’ve lost body fat and have gained a significant amount of lean muscle in my arms, shoulders and back. My legs are now more defined and harder then ever. Since working with Nick I’ve dropped 4 sizes and have had to buy an entire new wardrobe that actually fits!

I would strongly recommend joining one of Nick and Megan’s small group classes as to be honest they work!


Tim Koloff

I have been working out for a number of years now. Since starting with Nick, I feel like I am working muscles I never used before, and am also weight training properly. The small group workouts have been challenging, and fun. I have learned so much in the last few months, and look forward to continuing to push myself, with the expert help of Nick.


Fred Leitz

Working at an office has its benefits, but fitness is not generally one of them. As I looked in the mirror at work, I noted my poor posture, and the hunch I was developing in my back. As iconic as the software developer’s hunch is, I knew it was a slippery slope to back problems. Trying to go to the gym on my own had historically produced patchy results, and ultimately gave me something to avoid.

I knew I needed to try a different approach to fitness. After only a few sessions with Meghan I found it difficult to slouch any more, my shirts were fitting better, and my attitude at work was brighter. Her constant motivation, science based knowledge, and well formed work-out plans have helped me achieve more in less time than I could have achieved on my own.

I would highly recommend Meghan to anyone looking to optimize their fitness time, or those who are struggling with their own fitness goals.