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Anisha Parmar

Working out with Megan has been great for me! I wanted to get a personal trainer for some time but was hesitant because I wanted to be focused, dedicated, get along with my trainer and have my trainer understand me. Megan has been able to help me achieve all of the above and more. I have learned so many different workouts with her and she makes them fun! She challenges me and provides me with a wealth of knowledge. Specifically we have bee journaling what I eat everyday and really focusing on mastering one habit at a time until I am comfortable. I’m really looking forward to meeting my goals with Megan and most importantly understanding how to lead a healthier lifestyle!

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Nohemi Carrillo

I can’t imagine working out with anyone else but Nick Cosgrove! He is THE BEST trainer ever. He motivates you and has the patience, knowledge and professionalism to take you exactly where you want to be! I will always be thankful for those early morning workouts and I can’t wait to be back in the game sweating and feeling that horrible but enjoyable muscle pain specifically after leg day!


Daniela Mossa

Nick Cosgrove is by far the best personal trainer I have worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He adapts to each person’s needs in each class and does not push you harder than you should be working. He will gladly help you with diet plans and any extra questions you have outside of your gym time. Nick is very easy to work with and an all around great person.


Tracey Curtis

Nick Cosgrove =  Motivating, encouraging, dynamic, knowledgeable, empathetic, driven, committed, professional, considerate, organized. I am so thankful I was introduced to you.  

Our time spent training together has been invaluable.  As discouraged as I know I can get sometimes, you are quick to lift me back up and remind me of my accomplishments.  

Thank you for being so amazing.  In my humble opinion, no other trainer can compare to you!