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It wasn’t too long ago that most people viewed personal trainers as a luxury for only the rich and necessity for celebrities and athletes. Times have changed now and personal training has become much more popular and affordable in our society today. How many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest in a couple of weeks?

If you currently struggle finding the motivation to get yourself to the gym for your workouts and find yourself thinking you have a hard time saying no to that muffin at the coffee shop or ordering take-out for dinner instead of sitting down for a healthy home cooked meal, then you owe it to yourself to invest in personal training. We provide personal training that is exactly as that. It is personal to you and only you.

Your trainer will develop a program that is specific to you and your goals. If you have an injury, if you want to run a marathon, if you want to lose weight, build muscle or have lower back pain, our program will be specific to you and only you! We take time to develop and teach you how to work out in the most effective manner possible so that you reach your target fitness goals and we make sure that we hold you accountable to achieving those goals.

Working with one of our trainers will allow you to achieve the results you cannot achieve on your own. Each person’s goals are extremely personal. Whether it be weight loss, injury rehab, or to just be held accountable to show up to their workouts. We help you develop goals that will lead you down to a path of success. 

As trainers, we work diligently with each client to help them recognize their results, tangible and intangible, as well as results they never anticipated having. It is your results that not only hold you accountable to us, but they also hold us accountable to you!


* All sessions listed below are equal to 60 minutes of one-on-one instruction with a BCRPA certified personal trainer

* Tax included in prices listed below

  • Single Private Training Session$100

  • 6 Session Private Training Package$540 ($90/Session)

  • 12 Session Private Training Package$1020 ($85/Session)

  • 16 Session Private Training Package $1280 ($80/Session)

  • 24 Session Private Training Package$1800 ($75/Session)

  • 30 Session Private Training Package$2100 ($70/Session)

  • 40 Session Private Training Package$2720 ($68/Session)

  • 50 Session Private Training Package$3250 ($65/Session)

  • Please Note That All Private Training Packages Expire a Year After The Date of Purchase