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Fake Trainers and Their Fictitious Results

I know that I usually wait until Mondays to release my weekly blog however I felt that it was necessary to deliver next week’s blog a few days early due to the recent influx of delusion of grandeur that I’ve been witnessing online this past week.

I like to think of myself as being somewhat of a reserved individual when it comes to commenting on posts that I feel are shallow and somewhat narcissistic. I honestly do try my best to refrain from mocking or publicly shaming certain individuals for their countless ass selfies and scantly clad photos that are posted daily on their social media platforms. And fortunately after learning how to put up with this type of behaviour for half a decade, I’ve become quite good at biting my tongue and looking the other way (most times).

But this recent trend that I’m referring to has blown up like an Akins dieter that has had their first carb meal in 10 months. I’ve reached my threshold of pain. I’ve been pushed beyond my physical limitation. The lactic acid inside my body has accumulated to a boiling point. My glycogen has been depleted and my energy levels have been drained. This issue has left me mentally exhausted. And as such, I need to release my frustration in the best way that I know how – With my words.

Social Media Fitness Experts

I want to start my saying that I’ve never claimed to me a fitness expert. I by no means feel as if I know everything when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. I don’t think that I’m the best trainer nor do I even think that I’m the most educated trainer. I do believe that as individuals we can all learn from one another and support each other with our health and fitness goals. I’m a huge advocate of positive reinforcement and understand the importance of being open minded to new training concepts and dietary information. But with that all said, do you know what I can’t stand? Fake Trainers!

My Words Are Weapons

I may not be a fitness expert however I am a fitness professional. In fact, I’ve been certified, licensed and insured as a Personal Trainer for almost two decades. I’ve run a successful Personal Training business for almost the same period of time. I have thousands of hours of on floor experience training clients of all ages and all different fitness levels. I’ve worked with athletes, senior citizens, post-rehabilitation clients and just everyday people looking to improve their health and become more fit. This is not a part time job or hobby for me, this is my career. And as such, I take it personally when others who do not do this job as an actual full time profession, feel as if they have the right to call themselves Personal Trainers.

Personal Trainer in Disguise?

Yes, it’s true, almost anyone can become a Personal Trainer. To be honest, the courses aren’t that difficult and as long you know some basic anatomy and physiology it’s fairly easy to become certified. However even though almost anyone can become a Personal Trainer, very few of us are able to make a successful career out of it. I’ll be the first to admit that the fitness industry can be an extremely flaky industry at times. This is why I feel it’s important that I only align myself and my company with the best of the best of trainers that I can find. I’m extremely selective with whom I work with and who I want representing our brand and our product. Hence why we don’t bring on new trainers very often or have to deal with a high turn over rate both with our trainers and our clients.

My Definition of a Great Trainer

So now that you know how easy it is to become a trainer what should you look for when seeking out a good trainer? Actually, forget that. What should you look for when seeking out a GREAT trainer?

Well if you ask me, a great trainer is someone who is experienced, educated, reliable, accountable, and motivational. A great trainer practices what he or she preaches on a daily basis. A great trainer is ambitious and goal oriented themselves. A great trainer knows that he or she is good at what they do and is confident in their skill set and level of service that they provide. And finally, a great trainer makes their living off of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and doesn’t have to rely on another job or source of income to get by in life.

Frustrated with the Phonies

I understand that this week’s blog might be one of negativity and for that I apologize. However my frustration with this topic not only stems from wannabe trainers offering their “services” at a premium price, but it also upsets me that many people who know absolutely nothing about diet and exercise will fall victim to these fictitious phonies. These people will hand over their hard earned cash for empty promises and false hopes. And if wasting your money on someone who doesn’t even have a full time career in this industry doesn’t bother you, then perhaps the risk of getting injured or the long term side effects on your health due to inadequate nutritional and exercise advice might.

Closing Thoughts

In this age of information ignorance is not an excuse. I’ve always believed that it’s the consumer’s responsibility to do their due diligence when hiring anyone for a service that they need assistance with. Hiring a Personal Trainer should be no different. Ask for references, confirm that the trainer with whom you are working with is in fact licensed and certified and has at least some form of education in human anatomy and exercise physiology. Make sure your trainer is a professional. Do they dress the part, do they look the part, do they act the part? It’s 2018, every reputable trainer or reputable Personal Training company should have a professional looking website (and no not a self made one from Wix.com!).

At the end of the day it’s your body and your health. Who you decide to trust with it and who you believe has your best interest in mind and in heart will ultimately be you decision. Just make sure you make the right decision. As it could be a life changing one.

Yours in Good Health,

Nick Cosgrove
Forever Fit Performance