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Partner training or semi-private training offers a lot of the benefits of an individualized training program. You not only share the workout with a partner, you also share the cost. While an average private training session can cost anywhere from $70.00 to more than $90.00, training with a partner can cost almost half of that depending on the training package that is purchased. There is also the option of sharing your session with a friend or family member that will not only save you money, but it will also give you that extra motivation needed for your workouts.

Our partner training programs include resistance training, high intensity cardiovascular workouts, as well as both interval and TRX training. We design the workout with you and your partners’ goals and needs in mind. With partner training you will receive the same quality session that you will with our private training sessions and with more cost effective pricing. If you are training with a friend, family member of spouse, you are also more likely to stay on track and stay motivated if you have a workout partner to share your journey with you.

Don’t have a workout partner in mind, but like the idea of fitness training with a partner? Let us know and based upon fitness levels and schedule availability, we will try our absolute best to pair you up!


* All sessions listed below are equal to 60 minutes of one-on-one instruction with a BCRPA certified personal trainer

* Tax included in prices listed below

  • Single Partner Personal Training Session $120

  • 6 x Partner Personal Training Package $600 ($300/Person)

  • 12 x Partner Personal Training Package $1080 ($540/Person)

  • 16 x Partner Personal Training Package $1360 ($680/Person)

  • 24 x Partner Personal Training Package $1920 ($960/Person)

  • 30 x Partner Personal Training Package $2100 ($1050/Person)

  • Please Note That All Partner Training Packages Expire a Year After The Date of Purchase